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Biosearch Expeditions Responsible Wildlife Research Expeditions in Nyika National Park, Malawi

2010 Report

60mB or about 6 min to download

Small mammals, herpetology, birds (four year list)

2009 Report

37 mB

Entomology; updated list.

Reptiles and amphibians. Ecology of Forest patches

2008 Report

Cameras. Meteorology. Women in Malawian culture. Bats. Medicinal plants.

Plant communities. Bird checklist. All expedition locations over 12 years.

2007 Report

Environmental protection. River flow. Vegetation communities

Flower identification guide. Art work

2006 Report

Team lists and photos for ten years.

Catering. Cameras & Tents. Soil and vegetation.

2005 Report

Comparison of riverine and Brachystegia woodlands

Guide to animal droppings and prints.

2004 Report

Plant collections and botany

2003 Report

Two expeditions reported.

2001 Report

Feeding ecology of baboons. Environmental audit

1999 Report

Scientific Exploration Society/Biosearch

1999 Report

Leeds Officer Training Corps/Biosearch

Two expeditions reported. Small mammals. Geology. Herpetology.

Effect of burning on invertebrates. Termites. Fresh water survey.

1998 Report

Katumbi Challenge with Southampton University OTC

1997 Report  

River catchments. Small mammals. Bird ringing. Medical. Large mammals survey method. New species of bat.

Our Reports - unrivalled experience of exploring and reporting on the biodiversity of the Nyika National Park. For hard copies call 01400 273323

All reports have sections on large mammals and poaching activity. Some other key projects undertaken appear below.