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Biosearch Expeditions Responsible Wildlife Research Expeditions in Nyika National Park, Malawi

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Combatting  Poaching

These are the remains of an eland, killed by poachers. They have stripped the meat off the carcase, dried it over the open fire and carried it off. Our teams frequently find drying racks.

The game scouts which escort the teams are armed with automatic rifles but these are rarely used, except for signalling. Poachers will nearly always run away if they detect us nearby, since penalties for being caught are very high.

One of the scouts scans the terrain with binoculars, looking for signs of poachers, such as a plume of smoke rising from a well-hidden campsite.

Silent and deadly. Wire snares can be hard to detect but in some areas we have collected many; they are particularly effective for smaller animals but cause many severe injuries to the game which can escape.