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Biosearch Expeditions Responsible Wildlife Research Expeditions in Nyika National Park, Malawi

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Richard Nyirenda

Richard has been our longest serving game scout and has joined us on many of the expeditions. His detailed knowledge of much of the area in which we have been exploring and tracking game has been of exceptional value. He is one of the finest tracking scouts in the department and if anyone can find a needle in a haystack it is him. He has a special interest in birds and is extending his knowledge rapidly, aware of the interest of visitors who come to Malawi , as one of Africa 's best birding countries.

Marianne J. Overton BSc ( Hons) PGCE CBiol MSB FRGS

Our science co-ordinator and leader was raised in East and South Africa and enjoyed leading field research expeditions in the Amazonas, Kenya , Arctic Norway, Yukon , Queensland and a series of expeditions to the Nyika. Each expedition involved a wide range of ecological surveys. She has twice been regional chairman for the Institute of Biology in the United Kingdom  and has served on the board of Governors for the University of Lincoln, where she is now an Honorary Fellow.

Peter Overton BSc(Hons) Project director of Biosearch Expeditions. Peter joined the Wye College Nyika expedition (1972) to the northern extension of the park (as it now is). He has long experience in project organisation and management in the UK , including nearly 30 years involvement with the wild game industry, understanding the importance of game as an economic resource as well as the necessity of proper conservation. For the British Trust for Ornithology Peter sits on the Regional Network Committee and coordinates a regional team of voluntary researchers, contributing to national records. He has been involved in expeditions to tropical rainforests in Amazonas and in Queensland and has organised the previous 14 Biosearch Expeditions to the Nyika National Park.

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