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Biosearch Expeditions Responsible Wildlife Research Expeditions in Nyika National Park, Malawi

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FULL DETAILS ON COSTS – The cost of £1900 contributes to the following:

•  U.K. pre-expedition recruitment, organisation and training costs.

•  Transport, accommodation and meal costs in Malawi including hotel on the Lake at the end.

•  All field expenses including transport, management, food, scouting and Park costs.

•  Support for Malawian expedition members to enable permissions to work in the Park to be maintained.

•  Research, liaison, sample analysis and administration costs of Biosearch Nyika.

•  Report production costs, including office and editorial expenses.

•  Liaison with the team and Malawian authorities from the point of joining the expedition to its completion on production of the report.

•  Direct or indirect support for the game scouts in the field, through equipment, sponsored or otherwise.

What is not included?

•  Any travel costs (other than within Malawi), the main one of which is your international airfare.

•  Travel Insurance

•  Any costs in Malawi which you incur before or after the expedition time.

When does payment become due?

•  On successful interview and acceptance onto a team a non-refundable deposit of £300 must be paid by the end of October. Thereafter,  monthly payments of £200 until June (details given on agreement).  

Air Fares

We give personal advice on airfares and routings depending on the exact requirements of the team member (length of stay, other options selected etc.). Typical cost for a return flight to Lilongwe in 2011, was around £750. At present all recommended flights require a minimum of one change to reach Lilongwe, usually in Johannesburg or Nairobi. This can be useful for those with other travel plans before or after the expedition.

Offering you a warm welcome from Malawi and looking forward to seeing you in the bush.

We take you through the joining process on a personal basis. Contact us now so we can get your expedition plans rolling